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your mental illness doesn't automatically make you a bad or abusive person. and i especially mean this to those in cluster B.

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Something that really bothered me on tumblr that I'm already seeing here is stealing photos just to have an aesthetic blog. Just credit the people who's photos you're using, or use one of the many stock photo/free photo websites. It sucks to see something you put work into on someone else's blog and knowing no one who saw it or reblogged it will know you're the person it came from

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Not all character development is positive. Characters can, and in my opinion, should, develop both negative and positive traits throughout the course of their story. As the story goes, they shouldn’t be perfected, they’re people, not artpieces, and so there shouldn’t be a stage where they’ve improved/changed exclusively for the better, to the point where they have no negative traits at all.

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So like, you can declare yourself an ns/fw blog, and people who dont want to see that can just like, opt-out. Could that not just be done with vent blogs, so that people can keep their coping mechanisms and not get lumped in with discourse blogs? I understand not wanting to see negativity on a personal level, but wanting to ban it outright feels like.... a little silly and fake. Sometimes the human experience is just negative, and we should be able to blog about those parts, too.

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