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an idea

so i came up with an idea in my sleep last night. those who know me (not many people) know i'm really into (this is going to sound strange) the categorization of different mental health issues. plus i've done a lot of research (mostly in the past) to learn more about myself and my own struggles. i also enjoy educating others on this subject, so i thought maybe i'd make a blog that posts maybe weekly about a different disorder each time. if people (other than me) become interested in this, they can request a post about a disorder they're interested in.

i'm thinking that the blog's posts would include dsm categorization, side commonalities in each disorder, people's experiences with the disorder, etc. i'm not expecting anyone else to be interested in this, but if you are, feel free to let me know.

annnd that's it for now. i'll probably have to delete a blog i was hoping to get back to working on later in order to make this. also, a lot of research will be required, so hopefully i have the time for this project.


my mood has especially been like a rollercoaster this past week.

naiad asked:

have you tried medication? My depression was pretty horrific and finding the right meds helped a lot. We recently moved and I've had to stop taking them and I can feel things getting bad again :/ And my brother in law said his didn't get better at all until he started taking meds either. I don't want to sound invasive but I know depression sucks so if that's something you haven't treid it might help?

oh, yeah, i'm on meds, and they have helped a lot. i guess i could try for better ones, but i'm kind of scared to risk it, knowing that i might end up how i was in the past. i think my depression is just getting worse because i'm stuck inside a lot due to the virus, which might last for a while, so i'll probably have to do something about it eventually lol.

i don't know your situation, but i hope things improve for you, too! like you're able to take your meds again or something.


therapy talk.

so i've seen a therapist a few times, and we talked a lot about my emotional responses and some other things, like my reliance on other people.

this past friday, we talked about my depression because it's apparently been getting worse after the schools went online, and i've been in the house more. she asked me some questions about how it felt, so i told her that and how i often can't do anything but lie on the floor. she ended up saying that, although it's gotten a lot better, my depression still seems bad and has catatonic qualities to it (something i've always had a hard time understanding becasue catatonia seems like such a broad concept with many possible symptoms i definitely don't have).

i'm feeling better (than before) as of now. i can actually talk and process words in my head instead of... not talking and giving one-word responses to most things.

it's hard to imagine this ever going away or at least lifting. ugh.


my depression has suddenly lifted a bit after we went out to run errands, and i want to spend this precious time doing something somewhat enjoyable instead of... work.


the depression is about to set in again. i can feel it.


i swear. a combination of my antidepressants and anxiety meds make me have some symptoms on the hypermania spectrum. but it's hard to tell because i'm depressed all the time. maybe i'm like this normally??? it's hard to tell when you don't know what your base is. Idk but so far i feel great!!!!!


i have a really hard time doing things out on my own, making decisions on my own, doing homework on my own, responding to people without the help and input of my partner, etc. it's hard to live like this. i hate having to depend on him. maybe when i see my new therapist, she can help me change. i'm just scared of not doing things right when i do them myself.


I got something prescribed for my nightmares, but right around when it came in, I stopped having nightmares. This is cool I guess?


i've dealt with a lot of anxiety today, but guess what: i've survived it (with the help of my anxiety meds of course).


since some people are talking about their experiences with BPD...

also suicidal ideation and SH mentions below.

for years (and for years as an adult) i seemed to strongly fit the criteria for BPD. it was suspected by a psychologist as well. after trying different medications and different therapists, at some point, it seemed to fade away for the most part. i still experience symptoms, but they're not wrecking my life like they used to. i'm no longer constantly having suicidal ideation over feelings of abandonment and betrayal or doing SH multiple times a day. i was a complete wreck.

i was constantly having rage episodes, other intense emotions which were almost all negative (still having intense emotions but they're less intense and more positive ones are mixed in now), dissociating more often than not, impulsively taking my mom's drugs to make the pain go away, getting delusions, paranoia episodes (like once i hid in the bathroom because my brain convinced me that my brother was going to come after me with a knife), splitting, etc.

i researched why symptoms could improve so much over time and ended up reading about how common it apparently is for people with BPD to have remission periods. i also asked in a BPD group for others' thoughts, and one person talked about their psychologist saying that many people "grow out of it." (i know many people seem to disagree with this sort of thing, and i'm not saying i agree with it; i'm just trying to piece my experience together.)

or maybe i was experiencing relationship-focused C-PTSD since they're both similar illnesses it seems.

to everyone experiencing BPD, or any other overwhelming illness, i wish you the best. you're going through a lot.


talk about weight (negative), possible disordered eating, medication, and mental health below...

my weight has changed a lot with (positive) treatment changes. for a while, i weighed about 90 lbs, thinking i was too thin and wanting almost nothing more than to gain weight. after starting certain treatments, i gained up to 55 lbs: IV fluids five days a week gained me ten pounds (probably all water weight that i needed), and an atypical antipsychotic that really improved my mental health gained me 45 pounds. apparently this is normal for this type of medication.

at first i was really happy and excited about the weight gain, partially because i've always wanted to gain weight, but probably also because i felt more lively on this new medication. i experienced less time laspes, less dissociation (or something similar), felt less distant and out-of-tune with the world, had better executive function, could actually kind of take care of myself, and even stopped experiencing hallucinations. i was a whole new person on this medication.

eventually, i started feeling really uncomfortable at this new weight. i tried dieting and working out (which was easier because my mental and physical health have improved tremendously), even going down to 1300-1400 calories a day at some point. i lost a little weight but couldn't keep it up. i love food so much.

i am ashamed of wanting to lose weight because it's against what i've started to believe in. i think everyone else looks great at every weight, too. why can't i feel that way about myself? i'm either too thin or too heavy.

my partner tries to remind me that it's an internal problem with an internal fix--and that no matter what weight i achieve, i probably wouldn't be happy with myself. he talks me through it himself, which helps, and suggests that i go to therapy for that issue. he's probably right.

liking how you look is hard, folks.


me: wow, i can't believe i was invited to hang out and study with people!!

AvPD symptoms: too bad you're not going.


i'm so confused!!! someone at school is trying to be my friend (at least i'm pretty sure she is), and my avoidant self is like, "RUNNN!!!" but another part of me doesn't want her to leave me, so i'm also scared of trying to get out of talking to her too much. she's really nice and cool. things are so confusing!!!


lots of people are approaching me this semseter, and, even though it contributes to chronic embarassment, i think i'm getting more used to talking to people. i still embrass myself with every word, but it isn't as bad. i guess i feel more confident? i doubt i could talk to anyone long-term, but this is progress.


i kind of want to post something, but depression makes my head so blank and full of nothing.


introduction post!

I'm new to this site, so I thought I'd post an introduction. I'll try to organize this as best as I can.

I'm 21 (almost 22... scary), but I still feel 14. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. I'm living with my family, cats (who I care for very much), and partner, and I'm going to a community college part time. I'm not sure about careers yet--if I'm even able to work. In MBTI, based on the research I've done, I'm closest to an ENTP (possibly an INTP).

I've grown up with both physical and mental health issues, both of which have improved over the past couple years. My primary physical illnesses are MCAS, hEDS, POTS, and narcolepsy. The main thing bothering me these days is the narcolepsy. Mentally, I think there's a lot of work to be done. My current psychiatrist suspects a lot of things but hasn't gotten around to diagnosing anything new. One suspected thing I'd like to mention is AvPD because it might affect how I interact with people (especially if I ever can talk to people on here).

Some things I'm interested in when my brain lets me have interests:

  • Video games (currently playing Final Fantasy XIV mostly)

  • Art

  • Music

  • Cats! and other animals

  • Traveling and exploring

  • Eating food

  • Fashion

  • Personality testing

  • Psychology/neurology stuff (No, I don't know much about it.)

  • Other odd sciency things

  • Other peoples lives

  • Stories

  • Letterboxing and sometimes Geocaching

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Tumblr: Huggerofcats Twitter: Huggerofcats Vent: Ask for username

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