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adding more stuff to my depop shop!


depop story

So I sold my pants on Depop. For $5.00 (kind of cheap--I know). I blindly set all my items' shipping for around $4.00, thinking the cost wouldn't go too high above that. I was wrong. Barely wrong. The shipping ended up being over $10.00, and it would've been about half that price if the pants were 0.1 ounces lighter.

That's it. I'm investing in a scale.


first review on Depop!!!

i finally got my first (five star) review on Depop! i was so scared about it because i was shipping it to the UK and didn’t really know what i was doing. but everything turned out okay! and they liked the shirt dress! such a relief.

to be honest, i’m still scared when i get five star reviews on things because part of my thinks that the customer is faking five stars to be nice.

anyway, i feel a lot less scared to log into my account now.