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23, they/she, bi-alterous or something, disabled, neurology/psych student, wannabe creator and discoverer

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Sleepy's carrd

i also updated my carrd a few days ago. might as well post it now.


introduction post!

I'm new to this site, so I thought I'd post an introduction. I'll try to organize this as best as I can.

I'm 21 (almost 22... scary), but I still feel 14. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. I'm living with my family, cats (who I care for very much), and partner, and I'm going to a community college part time. I'm not sure about careers yet--if I'm even able to work. In MBTI, based on the research I've done, I'm closest to an ENTP (possibly an INTP).

I've grown up with both physical and mental health issues, both of which have improved over the past couple years. My primary physical illnesses are MCAS, hEDS, POTS, and narcolepsy. The main thing bothering me these days is the narcolepsy. Mentally, I think there's a lot of work to be done. My current psychiatrist suspects a lot of things but hasn't gotten around to diagnosing anything new. One suspected thing I'd like to mention is AvPD because it might affect how I interact with people (especially if I ever can talk to people on here).

Some things I'm interested in when my brain lets me have interests:

  • Video games (currently playing Final Fantasy XIV mostly)

  • Art

  • Music

  • Cats! and other animals

  • Traveling and exploring

  • Eating food

  • Fashion

  • Personality testing

  • Psychology/neurology stuff (No, I don't know much about it.)

  • Other odd sciency things

  • Other peoples lives

  • Stories

  • Letterboxing and sometimes Geocaching

Other accounts:

Tumblr: Huggerofcats Twitter: Huggerofcats Vent: Ask for username

Steam: Cathugger Pillowfort: catnap PS4: Huggerofcats


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