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23, they/she, bi-alterous or something, disabled, neurology/psych student, wannabe creator and discoverer

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An Anonymous user asked:

Pardon me, but do you have any byf/dni standards?

umm... tbh, i haven't thought much about this. i probably should come up with a byf, but i'm also thinking that anyone who follows me and believes things that i think are harmful or simply don't like will stop following me soon eventually. plus i haven't seen many people on waterfall who don't meet my standards, so... idk. maybe i should think about that a little more. i can deal with people being harmful toward me, and don't really have any big triggers at the moment, but it's a whole nother thing if my blog isn't safe from people who might cause my followers harm.

sorry if this got confusing!

An Anonymous user asked:

☕ the correct number of pillows a bed should have

hmmm... i think it depends on how many people are in the bed and the thickness of the pillows. i'm thinking that a bed should have at least two average-size pillows per person.